For Group Plans


Let us help guide you through the maze of insurance plans and options. Whether they are policies through the Health Insurance Exchanges or outside. Let us save you time/ money and let us do the work to bring you the best plan(s) for your specific insurance needs.

Delta Financial has a comprehensive approach to solving the unique problems of individuals and small businesses health insurance issues. Our clients deserve more than just having someone handle their health insurance program; we take a holistic view and bring in tailored solutions to maximize the value for our clients.


Healthcare Plan Diagnostic Review

There are many different types of plans and alternatives available to small businesses .from HSA s to HRA s. Our review incorporates your practice s specific benefit & premium goals as well as identify the plan's strengths & weaknesses.

Cobra Compliance Checkup

We find many businesses are not in compliance with their Cobra program; our solution is to bring in a specialist for you to reduce this increasing liability. Our Checkup process will identify any gaps and provide a solution to fill them.

Section 125 POP Analysis

This analysis will determine the value of providing this plan for your business. It will identify any eligible savings from using this pre-tax strategy.

Payroll Analysis

This analysis will determine what TRUE costs for your current payroll services. It will identify the competitiveness of your existing payroll and the possible savings from another vendor.

401(k) Diagnostic Review

This detailed analysis will provide a Strengths and Areas of Concern report to the plan trustee. Since most business owners serve as trustee of their plan, a special emphasis will be placed on their Fiduciary Liability and how to reduce it.

Key Employee Retention Analysis

Many businesses have one to two key individuals that are an important part of its overall success. This process is designed to demonstrate specific concepts to help the business attract, reward and retain these individuals.

Healthcare Disability Checkup

Our Disability Checkup will determine the efficiency of providing maximum income replacement to business owner as well as specific recommendations on how to properly structure benefits for the remaining staff.

Succession Plan Checkup

A company s Buy & Sell/Shareholder agreement should be reviewed periodically; from valuation methods to buyout terms, this Checkup will help ensure the owners objectives are integrated into these documents.

Defined Contribution

Perfect for Employers:

  • Looking to switch from a traditional Group Health Insurance plan
  • Looking to provide a fixed annual budget dollar amount for employees to purchase individual/family Health Insurance through the our Call Center
  • With employees eligible for Government Subsidies that can be utilized via our Call Center from a Licensed and Certified Insurance Professional
  • Looking to maximize their tax savings